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The BTAC Hub is Live!

by Chris Perugini

If you missed the update on our social media channels, we recently launched the first of several informational whisk(e)y hubs. The Buffalo Trace Antique collection seemed fitting given that this is the time of year that these bottles hit shelves in the US. I have tried many of these bottlings over the years and have taken on the task of trying as many of them as I can. To better organize my efforts, I’m sharing my progress in an easily sortable and searchable format.⁣

Check out the hub to see the initial bottlings I’ve categorized as well as releases with upcoming pending reviews. There are about 7 or 8 more releases I have samples of that I haven’t even accounted for yet. I plan on adding to this regularly as I get more and move of my backlogged Antique Collection reviews published. Enjoy!⁣

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