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SMS Classic Review: Tobermory 15 Year

by Chris Perugini

The next installment of the SMS Classic Review series is of the “semi-island” malt Tobermory 15 Year. As always with SMS classics, this review is preserved exactly as it was when I first wrote it 6 years ago. My favorite part of the whole writeup is my inferred scoff at the unusually high (in 2013) price for a 15 year old single malt. Oh, sweet summer child…

Original review from 2013:

Here’s a review of a whisky that intrigued me for a long time before I finally got a chance to try it. Tobermory 15 Year is aged on the Scottish mainland for 14 years, transferred into Gonzales Byass Oloroso Sherry casks, and transported to the Isle of Mull where it completes its maturation. Very interesting. This whisky carries a hefty price tag for a 15 year single malt ($107). Is it worth it?

Tobermory 15 Year - 46.3% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Golden Amber
Nose Overipe banana, melon, vanilla, pink eraser, quite earthy. With water, sea air, sweeter, toffee, hints of sherry
Taste A sharp arrival. Rich stewed fruits, oaky, sea salt, sherry, berries. With water, spice (nutmeg and cloves), red apple, woodier, caramel.
Finish Long, spicy, mouth numbing. With water, cherry, more wood and some really nice vanilla at the very end.
Overall Thoughts I know quality when I come across it and Tobermory 15 is a quality spirit. These guys don't skimp on their casks and you can tell they take their time in the creation process. I would say this is how all island whiskies should taste, but it only spends a year off the mainland so I’ll say this. It’s damn good.
Total Score 90/100

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