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Review: Springbank 14 Year Manzanilla Cask

by Chris Perugini

When most people think Campbeltown whisky, they think Springbank. Opened in 1828, Springbank distills its spirit 2 and a half times (meaning only part of the whisky is distilled a third time). They do a variety of cask finishes but they also release some products that spend their entire maturation period in non bourbon casks.

This release is one of their sherry cask matured expressions. It was aged in Manzanilla casks for 14 years. Was Manzanilla a good choice for this one? Let’s find out.

Springbank 14 Year Manzanilla Cask - 54.8% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Ruby Red
Nose Heavy on the sherry influence right off the bat, limes, hint of perfume, Springbank funk, cereal, toasted wood chips, caramel, nutty, honey, sea air, reminds me of Bruichladdich in a way.
Taste Red fruits, nice oak flavor, dried cherries, prunes, LOTS of citrus here, raisins, dried fruit and nut mix, perhaps a hint of mango?
Finish Toffee, Christmas spice, hint of earthy peat, bog water, sherry throughout. Decent length. The spice is the last to depart.
Overall Thoughts Springbank and sherry go pretty well together. The spices and red fruit compliment the citrus and funk in a way that’s hard to describe until you try it for yourself … which I’d recommend you do as soon as you can.
Total Score 89/100

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