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Review: SMWS 39.112 “1960s French Breakfast”

by Chris Perugini

My intro to the SMWS was interesting.

After deliberating for years about joining, I finally took the plunge with a half off deal that got me my first year’s membership for 50 bucks. I placed an order soon after only to find that I have an interesting shipping situation. The team at SMWSA was fantastic in both helping to resolve my issue and in preventing it from happening in the future.

After hearing great things about it, I decided to start with 39.112. This is an 8 year old cask from Linkwood that was aged in a first fill ex-bourbon cask. First fill bourbon for 8 years should be enough for an interesting whisky. Let’s see how it turned out. I’ve never met a Linkwood I didn’t like.

Category Notes
Appearance Golden
Nose Fresh baked biscuits, orange marmalade, quite floral, lemon peel, sugary sweetness, bourbon-y vanilla, hint of grapefruit.
Taste Fruit salad, nice citrus influence, angel food cake, doughy, chocolate, honey, fresh plums.
Finish A spicy finish with clove and some white pepper, apple jelly, sawdust, hints of orange and wheat, vanilla throughout. Good length.
Overall Thoughts This is a really nice example of a young first fill ex-bourbon cask matured whisky. It has some nice depth and complexity for its age and doesn't drink like 60.1% abv at all. The SMWS did a great job finding this one.
Total Score 89/100

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