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Review: Tormore 28 Year Single Cask (Master of Malt)

by Chris Perugini

We’ve seen a lot of “blend fodder” distilleries getting some attention in recent years. Distilleries that rarely get single malt releases are being scooped up by independent bottlers and distilleries like Mortlach, Aultmore, and Craigellachie have even gotten their own OB single malt ranges. With all that said, some distilleries still remain unknown and Tormore is one of them. You can find some single malt Tormore out there, but the bottlings are few and far between.

One of these bottlings is part of the Single Cask range from Master of Malt. It’s a 28 year single ex-bourbon cask distilled in 1984 and bottled in 2012. I love me some old ex-bourbon matured whisky, so I had high hopes for this going into it. Were my expectations met?


Tormore 28 Year Single Cask (Master of Malt) - 60.2% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Pale Gold
Nose Lovely old oak, toasted almond, lemon zest, bourbony vanilla, caramel, apples, banana, pumpkin pie filling, hints of confectioners sugar
Taste This must be an excellent cask because this does not feel like 60% ABV. Wonderfully fruity and juicy, stewed fruits, apple juice, big vanilla, heavy bourbon influence (cherry cola), nutmeg, 2x4s, fresh berries, the oak is prevalent throughout but never overpowers.
Finish More heavy oak influence, cherry cough drops, cranberries, heaps of baking spice, minty in the back, vanilla, creme brulee, and coconut at the end. Amazing length.
Overall Thoughts Everyone loves their sherrybombs these days but for my money, I'd take a well-aged ex-bourbon cask any day of the week. The heavy oak is the perfect complement to the fruit and spice and I love me some tropical notes on the finish. An amazing cask of whisky for sure.
Total Score 93/100

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