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Review: Tamdhu 8 Year 2005 (Signatory Vintage)

by Chris Perugini

When I got this sample, I had no idea what it was. The friend who sent it to me said it was something he didn’t think I would try so that naturally led me to think it might be from Islay or one of the other islands. It’s interesting to see just how confused I was in the tasting notes. First it’s coastal, then it isn’t. It was just another Speysider in the end 🙂

This Tamdhu is from a first fill sherry butt number 346. It was filled on 1/27/05 and bottled 8/22/13


Tamdhu 8 Year 2005 (Signatory Vintage) - 60.6% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Gold
Nose Sharp at first but backs off considerably after a few minutes in the glass. Coastal, salty, subtle vanilla, canned peaches, maple syrup. With water and time, a bit of oak, less coastal influence (must be the fresh water I added, har har), much sweeter. A hint of chocolate?
Taste Fruity and really dry. I can feel the moisture being sucked from my mouth. Orange citrus, mixed berries, layers of vanilla, not as coastal as the nose would suggest, but saltiness is definitely present. With water, some red berries, more salt and oak. The longer this sits, the spicier it gets.
Finish Fairly long. I guess all the dryness happens before the finish. A bit earthy, some oakiness and spice, lighter fruits. With water, much drier (I spoke too soon about there being no dryness left). The finish gets longer after several minutes. It really lingers in the back of the throat. Vanilla and berries are the last to fade.
Overall Thoughts I really like the sweet and salty thing going on here. It works really well with this whisky which I think is coastal? I would guess a Bunnahabhain, Old Pulteney, or a Tobermory but he said that I'd never try this whisky on my own so it must be from Islay. One of the many Bruichladdichs maybe?
Total Score 89/100

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