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Review: Rosebank 21 Year 1990 (Diageo’s Special Releases)

by Chris Perugini

Last year, I was out in California on a business trip. Before I left, I looked around to see what kind of whisky bars were in the greater Los Angeles area. My search eventually led me to The Daily Pint in Santa Monica.


The Daily Pint features a ridiculous single malt selection and was definitely a place I wanted to visit while I was in the area. I started off with Rosebank 21, a special edition OB bottling by Diageo of a mothballed Lowland distillery with a reputation for being light and floral. Let’s see just how light and floral this whisky is after 21 years and over 100 proof.


Rosebank 21 Year 1990 - 53.8% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Straw
Nose Light fruit, orange marmalade, soft vanilla, fresh cut flowers, malty and sweet.
Taste Hot. Vanilla, citrus (lemon peel), green grapes, oak, apples, heather, flowers I’ve never heard of. A lot more fruit with water…and this thing can take water.
Finish Toasted oak, vanilla, surprisingly (not really) floral, a bit of spice. Citrus at the end. Fairly long finish.
Overall Thoughts Light, floral, but still packs a hell of a punch. Docked a couple points for being a little too hot for my tastes.
Total Score 88/100

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