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Review: Mortlach 21 Year 1992 Cask 10143 (Douglas Laing Directors’ Cut)

by Chris Perugini

Time for another quick review. This time, I’m diving into an older Mortlach so right about the bat, I know that this baby is going to be meaty and savory. Let’s see how well Douglas Laing did with this one as part of its Directors’ Cut line. This whisky entered Cask 10143 in 1992 and matured for 21 years before being bottled at cask strength.


Mortlach 21 Year 1992 Cask 10143 (Douglas Laing Directors' Cut) - 56.7% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Ruby red
Nose Thick, savory, treacle, molasses, fennel, mint leaves, apple pie filling, lots of clove, a bit of cinnamon. Maple appears after a few minutes. Water brings out almonds.
Taste Interesting compared to the nose, white grapes and orange peel at first, ALLLLLL the baking spices, fino sherry, good oak influence, still meaty in the background.
Finish Dark and dusty, mushrooms, cigar box, botanicals, much heavier on the oak, bordering on TOO heavy. Fruit does not live here. Good length though. Water softens the oak a it, but not much.
Overall Thoughts Pretty much what I come to expect from a Mortlach, especially and older one. The finish is a unbalanced due to the oak, but I still enjoyed it.
Total Score 89/100

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