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Review: Glenfarclas 1990 24 Year (K&L Wines Exclusive)

by Chris Perugini

Today’s review is from Glenfarclas, a distillery that in my opinion has done the best job of preparing for uncertain market conditions of any distillery in Scotland. Owned and operated by the Grant family since 1865, Glenfarclas is the king of expansive and well-aged stock. This has afforded them the ability over the years to not only sell much of their whisky to independent bottlers, but it also gives them the opportunity to bottle and sell a very thorough standard range at decent prices. Up until a few years ago, I remember seeing Glenfarclas 40 on the shelf for under $500.

In any case, Glenfarclas does something else quite well: making whisky that is fantastic when heavily sherried. This is a bottling of a 1990 Glenfarclas aged for 24 years and bottled as a K&L Wines exclusive. It’s bottled at 50% ABV.



Glenfarclas 1990 24 Year (K&L Wines Exclusive) - 50% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Dark copper
Nose Fruity, raspberries, blackberries, sherry, cinnamon, caramel, gingerbread cookies, cherries, grapes, lots of oak in the background the whole time. With water, nuttier (almond and hazelnut) and sweeter.
Taste Oaky, mixed berry goodness, vanilla, malty, more sherry influence for sure. Lots of spice, some orange peel. Remains fairly consistent with water though it tastes juicier.
Finish Drier than expected, less berry "tartness", hint of anise, good length, oak, cherries, and vanilla are the last to exit.
Overall Thoughts What more can I say? Another excellent, well-balanced Glenfarclas.
Total Score 94/100

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