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Review: Aultmore 5 Year Single Cask (Master of Malt)

by Chris Perugini

Today I’m reviewing Aultmore’s 5 Year Single Cask bottling by Master of Malt. Before the recent release of the Aultmore OB Range (which I have yet to come across), this was a relatively unknown Speyside distillery that was mostly used in blends. It’s owned by Dewars so I assume that they use it in a great number of their blended products. This is by far, the youngest and highest proofed single malt I’ve tried aside from a few new make spirits.


Aultmore 5 Year Single Cask (Master of Malt) - 66.8%
Category Notes
Appearance Amber -1, which is surprising considered that this is first-fill sherry matured. I guess the color really starts to show around the 7-10 year mark.
Nose Sharp alcohol burn. Light fruit and some vanilla. I can't get much out of this one neat. With water, a lot more fruit (apples and pears) comes forward. Fresh fruit is pretty much what I expected. After several minutes, the nose is more sweet and grainy, like a bowl of Frosted Flakes. The next morning, the glass smelled of malt and apples.
Taste The arrival hits you like a ton of bricks. Neat, and very hot on the tongue. Ethanol, vanilla, cherries. With water, MUCH more open. Vanilla, shortbread cookies, cereal notes. Still "rough" tasting even with water.
Finish Short and vanilla-y. With water, fruity but not much longer. This finish needs some work. I'd bet three more years of aging would do this wonders.
Overall Thoughts It's a young and rough whisky. What more could one expect from this offering? I'm surprised that this is the same spirit bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company (As a comparison, check out my very positive review of their bottling here). I'd guess the whisky in the TBWC bottling was mostly 12-14 years old. The dried fruits and spice are missing from the MoM expression and boy was this one hot. Still, it was an interesting experience to taste such a young whisky. At 5 years old and 134 proof, it's pretty much what I thought it would be.
Total Score 81/100

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