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Review: Karuizawa 1999 Noh Cask #879 (K&L Exclusive)

by Chris Perugini

In my last review, I took a look at a Karuizawa that was made up of vatted casks from the final year or two of production that resulted in a release that was representative of the distillery’s house style without excelling in any one area. By contrast today, I’m exploring a single cask Karuizawa that has a little more punch and gives some idea of what the distillery really had to offer.

This Karuizawa is from sherry butt #879 and was aged 13 years before being bottled for K&L Wines. I remember when this went on sale for pre-order and am kicking myself to this day for not taking advantage at the time. Live and learn…

Karuizawa 1999 Noh Cask #879 (K&L Exclusive) - 57.7% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Copper
Nose Intense sherry, savory and bold, ripe banana, pineapple, hint of smoke, cherries, more tropical fruits, tobacco, meaty, grill char. This might be the most savory nose I've experienced yet.
Taste Dark fruit, sherry, cherries, syrupy, chocolate, fennel, earthy. Still quite bold with water, lots of oak, a lot spicier and the addition of some citrus. After several minutes, mushrooms appear.
Finish Lots of oak, more sherry influence, more "meatiness", tropical fruits from the nose are back. With water, the oak remains and the fruit comes forward more. It's a really long finish.
Overall Thoughts The nose just won't quit. Intense, bold, what more can I say. I'm glad to have tried this whisky from a now legendary distillery.
Total Score 95/100

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