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Review: Glen Grant 26 Year 1977 (Old Malt Cask)

by Chris Perugini

Several years ago, there was a three-pack of Old Malt Cask bottlings making the rounds in Connecticut stores. Apparently a store had to buy all three bottles even if they only wanted one. It consisted of a 1989 Glen Ord, a 1980 Linkwood, and a Glen Grant 1977, all bottled in 2004. I came upon a store a year or two ago that had these three bottles collecting dust on a top shelf. I eventually negotiated a deal for the Glen Grant and over the next week or two, ended up scooping up all three bottles at tremendous prices. The Glen Grant was the first one I opened as the final whisky in a tasting event I hosted.

This bottle is from single sherry cask #1105. As always with OMC whiskies, it’s bottled at 50% ABV and is of natural color.


Glen Grant 27 Year 1977 (Old Malt Cask) - 50% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Not quite amber
Nose Lumber yard, pine notes, hint of mixed berries, refined, bright, and not as "old library" as you'd expect. Maple syrup sweetness.
Taste Thick, rich, sherry hint, apples and melons, anise, thick molasses, nutmeg, sweet and a bit earthy, some old oak.
Finish Dry, long, dried fruits, sherry, a bit of spice. Hints of smoke, more citrus with time.
Overall Thoughts Well crafted and bright despite its age. I think this was bottled at just the right time. Worth trying if you can find it. I know of a few bottles still out there in the wild.
Total Score 93/100

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