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Review: Benrinnes 16 Year 1995 (Signatory Cask Strength Collection)

by Chris Perugini

If I’ve learned anything about Benrinnes, it’s that this distillery really shines in two different categories: heavily sherried and bottled at cask strength. This particular Benrinnes is from the Signatory Cask Strength Collection, so we can check one of the two boxes off. However, there is no Sherry to be found with this release. In fact, this spent 16 years in a single ex-bourbon hogshead (number 5885) before being bottled in 2012. How does the lack of sherry affect this distillery profile? Let’s find out!


Benrinnes 16 Year Old 1995 (Signatory Cask Strength Collection) - 51.2% ABV
Category Notes
Appearance Gold
Nose Soft fruit, vanilla, citrus, lemon, peaches, cherries, oak, creamy, malty, with water, coconut and tropical fruits. Reminds me a bit of the Glenlivet Alpha.
Taste Fresh tasting. Fruit salad, melon, berries, green grapes, fresh cut lumber, vanilla, some spice, slightly floral, more citrus. With water, more fruit and more wood.
Finish Dried fruits, lemon cough drops, some really nice oak, spicy, vanilla, almond, honey, long and lingering.
Overall Thoughts Without the sherry, the very typical "juicy" and "marshmallow" notes that are in most Benrinneses are nowhere to be found. Still, this is flavorful, complex, and fruity. My wife described this whisky as light and cool (in a good way) and I agree. This is not at all a "warm" whisky but that's ok. Add the citrus notes and this dram is perfect for a hot summer day.
Total Score 93/100

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