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Parker’s Heritage Collection (PHC) Hub

The Parker’s Heritage Collection was originally conceived as an opportunity for the late Parker Beam, form long-time master distiller of Heaven Hill, to select an annual expression that showcased the experimental side of the distillery’s massive stocks of aged whiskey. Up until his retirement due to failing health, Beam himself oversaw the selection of the barrels that went into each release. Over the years, these bottlings have varied wildly in terms of age, mashbill, style, finishing casks, and proof. The unpredictable nature of the series is a bit of a double-edged sword since no two releases are ever exactly the same. Some bottles in the series are among the highest rated and most soft-after American whiskies of the past 15 years while others have been met with less favorable reviews. In my opinion, I enjoy the variable nature of the series as it gives promising off-profile and unusual whiskies an opportunity to see a retail shelf rather than sit in a rickhouse or distillery tasting lab.

Starting with the 8th edition (Promise of Hope), proceeds from each sale of Parker’s Heritage Collection bottles are donated to the ALS Association as Parker Beam was afflicted with this disease toward the end of his life.

The selection process for each whisky in the series is done by a series of blind tastings conducted by an ever changing tasting panel at Heaven Hill. This ensures that the consensus best whiskey each year is selected to become the next Parker’s Heritage edition.

What will the next edition of Parker’s Heritage be? Your guess is as good as mine.

Parker's Heritage Collection Hub

Edition ExpressionProofMy RatingReview Link
1Cask Strength Bourbon122.6, 127.4,
--Coming Soon
227 Year Old Bourbon96--Coming Soon
3Golden Anniversary100--Coming Soon
4Wheated Bourbon127.8, 124.2--Coming Soon
5Cognac Finish100--Coming Soon
6Blend of Mashbills131.6, 133.2, 137.9, 139.4--Coming Soon
7Promise of Hope96--Coming Soon
8Original Batch Wheat Whiskey127.4, 126.894Review
9Malt Whiskey10887Review
1024 Year-Old
Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon
1111 Year Old Single Barrel122--Coming Soon
12Orange Curaçao Finish110--Coming Soon
13Heavy Char Rye10589Review
14Heavy Char Bourbon120--Coming Soon
15Heavy Char Wheat Whiskey122--Coming Soon

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