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Corporate Whiskey Tastings

Are you looking to take your corporate event to the next level? Our whisky tastings are unique, educational, and lots of fun!. Whether you’re looking for an in-person event or a full-service virtual tasting, let Single Malt Savvy curate the perfect experience for your group! Our tasting events are a great fit for any occasion:

  • Team Building Events
  • Client Appreciation
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Pre-Sales Events
  • Executive-Level Luxury Events
  • Other Corporate Functions

We regularly work with small firms and Fortune 500 companies across the United States and our tastings can be customized to fit all group sizes and levels of experience. Whether you have a group of 3 enthusiasts or 300 newcomers, we’ll curate the perfect event to fit your needs.

All tastings are curated and run by Chris Perugini, a seasoned whiskey expert with over 15 years of experience. Chris is well-versed in Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Irish, Japanese, and other world whiskies and has been hosting whiskey tastings since 2013. His depth of knowledge includes history, production, nosing & tasting tips, and unique insights that keep participants engaged and entertained.

Are you ready to experience a whiskey tasting that will wow your employees and clients alike?

What happens when I reach out and how much does this cost?

Here are some of the questions you will be asked to determine the cost of your event:

  • Is this event in-person or virtual? The cost of an in-person engagement will include travel (from New England) and lodging.
  • How many people will be participating in your event?
  • What style(s) of whiskey are you interested in?
  • What is the anticipated date of the event?
  • Does this event require accessories or add-on products?

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