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Single Malt Savvy is a written collection of reviews, commentary, interviews, and in-depth articles reflecting a whisk(e)y journey that began over a decade ago. This website has expanded significantly over the years to not only include single malts and blended scotch, but also includes bourbon, rye, and other world whiskies.

I consider myself to be an independent writer. All of my reviews are completely unbiased. I may have favorite brands but I always give every pour a fair assessment regardless of other releases by the same distillery. Any samples provided to me for review on behalf of a brand are always disclosed. Honesty and integrity are paramount when it comes to my content and I plan on keeping it that way. If I tell you that I like a particular release, it’s because I truly enjoyed it and not because some brand told me to like it.

All content posted on this website is completely original content written by the author unless specifically noted otherwise.

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